Supporting The Blue and Green. We Love Our Hawks, We Are 12's, We Don't Give Up!

12 Man Rising

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12th Man Clothing on every street corner, Seattle Seahawk Colors dominating the Empire State Building. The loudest fans in the nation, yeah, we take it to the extreme. We totally, 100% back up our team, even when they don't win.

That's just how we roll around the space needle, in our sports arenas. We stand amazed, that in our short life time, we went from a state that didn't even have a team or a stadium, to this. Super Bowl. Wow. This book really does bring on that childhood sentiment of team sports and football.

Ups and downs, human nature, never give up on a man when he's down. Got quiet for a while yeah. Let them leave town. How bad do ya want it, Washington? Things got pretty depressing around here. We thought it was the weather. Could be, that gray fog, and constant drizzle can become a little nerve wracking.

No, it's not that, we miss football. Really? Well go watch the Cougars and the Huskies then.

I am not a die hard football fan and even I had to say, it's not the same. We don't even have any place to put them, if we did support them rock solid again.

Well, the rest is history, or much better written by this truly biased 12th Man, Seattle Seahawks fan. An enthusiastic read. When I heard we were getting our team back again, was I happy? You bet.

Not only do they wear my favorite colors, I love what the Sea and the Hawk represent. Yep, had to throw that in. Win, lose or draw, just the fact we made it to the Super Bowl, well, that's enough for me to strut my stuff, thank you very much. Go HAWKS!

Super Bowl Again Is it Defeat? Just Playing

Yes, even in football we do like to find the history of things. No, we don't need another excuse to start a collection. Then we saw this CD included with this book. Well, that just made it a "had to buy now" thing in celebration! If for nothing else than memories of our team that made it to the Super Bowl. We are glad to know how they got there, and why they did. We support the dedication to it.

Even when they loose. They play a great game. They keep us enthused. It is a wonderful example of team work. Of injury changing things and never quite knowing what might just happen to change everything in a blink of an eye.

Never give up. I know they won't. An enthusiastic way to come together coast to coast, learning the art of teamwork.

They Love Us 12s Supporting Them

How can we not be proud. How can we not support it. Our true colors are showing. Our pioneering spirit. We are on top, the loudest. Go HAWKS. We have waited for this a long time. We didn't know it was coming. We had given up on ourselves. We had said we can't stay here, we can't do this, not in this spot, not in this time in our lives. We are done with it.

I don't know enough about sports, or football or much of anything else about the passion for games and scores or the physical aspects of it. Yet, very much so, can I relate to a team coming together big enough, strong enough, loud enough with a message so clear I get it. Seattle Seahawks have got a whole city, a whole community, a whole state behind them, team support.

"Then Zorn Said to Largent. . .": The Best Seattle Seahawks Stories Ever Told (Best Sports Stories Ever Told)
"Then Zorn Said to Largent. . .": The Best Seattle Seahawks Stories Ever Told (Best Sports Stories Ever Told)

Yes, this is more for the die hard commentators and history buffs that really get into the people part and the nitty gritty of our team. Perfect for collectors.


This Team Continues to Learn

This is who we are now, Go Seahawks, We Love Your Determination to Win! We love how you won't let a defeat break down your well earned self esteem. In your busy lives in a very short time your speaking out for what you are made of. We the 12's carry on our proud spirit.

NFL: Greatest Games Set: Seattle Seahawks - Best of 2012
NFL: Greatest Games Set: Seattle Seahawks - Best of 2012

3 great games shown in DVD formation so you can play it again and again. Go Hawks.


Just Score, You Can Do It!

Can We Be Quiet? What do YOU think? It is a football game, no doubt. And they did! What a testimony to always believing in yourself and your team until the very end. I see this sport now in a whole new light of mystery every game I watch. Give it your best shot team, continue to dream.

Don't Give Up

Arizona Here We Come

How can we not be proud when New York is sporting our colors and right to be loud, go HAWKS!

It has been foretold many earthquakes will come this year, who knew it would literally be us, the 12's supporting our teams our hopes and our dreams.

As the ride continues to another Super Bowl history again made. We didn't win, Patriots did. More challenges for our great team in a growing strong league. Everyone getting a chance to get in shape and participate. Making firsts all over the place still. Way to play.

Team Effort Is A Game Changer

Boom, Boom, We Love Our Drums, all the way to the Super Bowl. Now come on, seriously? When we heard the price of the tickets and accommodations going up higher and higher it disturbed us a bit. In our opinions the greatest gift would be to lower the prices so that more of our 12th soul and spirit could attend such an exciting event. Our hearts remain true, regardless.

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  • Blue Sky, Green Trees, Blue Sea, Green is Clean
  • Support Seattle, Washington State
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Blue and Green Is Everywhere

We get to be loud here.
See all 2 photos
We get to be loud here.
Source: MJM

© 2014 MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose

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Seahawks and Patriots, Can't Wait 24 comments

RonElFran profile image

RonElFran 10 months ago from Mechanicsburg, PA Level 6 Commenter

I have a soft spot in my heart for the Seahawks principally because of Russel Wilson. At 5ft 11in he's just my height. That means I have a chance to make it as an NFL quarterback!

JuliaJaf 17 months ago


MJ Martin profile image

MJ Martin 17 months ago from Washington State Hub Author

@lgOlson: Oh thank you for all the happy valentine love on this one, plus liking your relax tips lens I got an ice cream cone of points! How cool is that? Sharing it with you, that's what......

lgOlson profile image

lgOlson 17 months ago from Northern Arizona

We were season ticket holders for the first 20 yrs of the franchise and although we moved to Arizona and now support the Cardinals, we always cheer on the Hawks when we are not playing each other. Could not be happier for the team and most of all the 12th man for winning the Super Bowl! Best fans in football for sure!

MJ Martin profile image

MJ Martin 17 months ago from Washington State Hub Author

@SheGetsCreative: So happy to be loud and proud. Thanks for the Valentine wishes!

SheGetsCreative profile image

SheGetsCreative 17 months ago from Seattle, WA Level 2 Commenter

The fans in Seattle are like nowhere else on earth!

robinmethew lm profile image

robinmethew lm 17 months ago

This is very loving and charming game.

nguyenvutran14 17 months ago

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Now regardless of the content on that site - that is some very interesting results and it set my mind racing.

I wanted to find out why this happened to them and if it would be possible to replicate the results...

There were a few reasons why this worked so well for them.

Deep down human beings are very simple... we are visual creatures and sight is our most important sense.

Zodiacimmortal profile image

Zodiacimmortal 17 months ago from Yonkers, NY

Not sure abotu the 12th man for me.. but I was rooting for them in the bowl.. as soon as I learned it would be them vs broncos I said it would be them because (as far as I knew) they didn't have a championship win yet. and sort of in Celebration I made a page

SteveKaye 18 months ago

Congratulations on winning the Super Bowl.

aminebombom profile image

aminebombom 18 months ago from Doha, Qatar Level 1 Commenter

well done, for the love of the sport :Y

ArthurPrittNdub1 profile image

ArthurPrittNdub1 18 months ago

this is a fantastic article worth sharing in social media. i like your introduction it really arouse the enthusiasm to read the whole text. big thanks man.

lesliesinclair profile image

lesliesinclair 18 months ago

Nice writing job here. I'm a fellow Seattleite and also write a lens about the Superbowl and festivities in town, and you even make me interested in learning the story from the Biased Author - no really kidding. Most enjoyable writing.

JoanieMRuppel54 profile image

JoanieMRuppel54 18 months ago from Keller, Texas

Very fun lens, you should be proud! I am happy for Clint Gresham your deep snapper as he is from my hometown team, TCU Horned Frogs!

esmonaco profile image

esmonaco 18 months ago from Lakewood New York Level 2 Commenter

A super review, Congratulations on the Super Bowl Win!!!!!

ItayaLightbourne profile image

ItayaLightbourne 18 months ago from Topeka, KS

Go Hawks! We wonnnnn!!!! I'm so proud of the Hawks. I could hear people yelling down the street last evening when we won. :)

TopTot profile image

TopTot 18 months ago

What a great day to be a Seahawks fan! Go Hawks!!

tonyleather 18 months ago

The hawks really nailed it!

Faye Rutledge profile image

Faye Rutledge 18 months ago from Concord VA

Great lens and review. Congratulations to the Seahawks on winning the Super Bowl!!

PNWtravels profile image

PNWtravels 18 months ago from Wandering the Pacific Northwest USA

Awesome! Go Hawks!

Merrci profile image

Merrci 18 months ago from Oregon's Southern Coast Level 2 Commenter

And they won besides! Great lens. Enjoyed reading it.

sybil watson 18 months ago

Congratulations on your Superbowl win! I have a co-worker and friend who is a die-hard Seahawks fan - she's been wearing her lucky Seahawks shirt every Friday and even brings her lunch in a Seahawks lunchbox. I'm so glad they won!

MJ Martin profile image

MJ Martin 18 months ago from Washington State Hub Author

@bdkz: Oh wow, super thank you! To make it to the home page, what a sweet goal, we've realized. Couldn't have done it without the help and encouragement from my facebook friends.

bdkz 18 months ago

Super lens! Just added you to the Squidoo Home Page rotation:

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